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Commercial Real Estate Signs

Commercial Signs –  if you have a need for a large sign, you have come to the right printing company that delivers quality signs. Paradise Signs has large printing capabilities. So what are your options you have?  We have single sided or double sided, in several different sizes! Call us for high quality prints.  Most common sizes- 4×4’ , 4×6’ or 4×8’. Call Paradise Signs today.


MDO Plywood – 10mm Corrugated Plastic – 6mm Corrugated Plastic


MDO Plywood  – 10mm Corrugated Plastic – 6mm Corrugated Plastic


MDO Plywood – 10mm Corrugated Plastic – 6mm Corrugated Plastic

Please Note, if your artwork requires photos, plot maps, architect’s drawings or elevations email them to us as high resolution file attachments, and will incur a set up charge.

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Commercial signs can be produced on 1/2” MDO sign plywood, 10mm Corrugated plastic panel or 13 oz banner material
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Substrate Materials Explained:

Substrates are the rigid boards that we make our signs on.  The 4 different substrates offered by Paradise Signs are ACM (Aluminum Composite Material, Polystyrene, Corrugated Plastic, and Outdoor MDO.  Below explains what each material is and what application it is best suited for.


Our most popular substrate, by far for residential panels and riders, Polystyrene is an economical solid plastic. The Styrene we use is approximately 1/8 inch in thickness.  Your signs are digitally printed directly to the Polystyrene and the covered with a UV laminate.

ACM (Aluminum Composite Material)

Another good option is ACM. Aluminum Composite Panels are made of two thin sheets of aluminum on both outer sides and a composite material in the middle.  The total thickness is approximately 3/16 inch.   ACM is an excellent choice for residential panels.

Corrugated Plastic

A light weight & inexpensive substrate option. Corrugated Plastic comes in 4mm (approx. 1/8 inch) 6mm (approx. 3/16 inch) and 10mil (approx. 1/2 inch).  4mm corrugated plastic is typically only used with wire stakes (yard display or directional signs). 6mm corrugated plastic makes good light weight residential For Sale signs. 10mm corrugated plastic is great for commercial signs that will be attached to a building or displayed in a window..

MDO (Medium Density Overlay)

MDO is an outdoor plywood made for sign manufacturing.  This is the best product available for commercial signage.  We offer 1/2 inch thickness and comes in various sizes.

Standard Commercial sign sizes: 3×4′, 4×4′, 4×6′ and 4×8′

Commercial sign riders available: 1×4′, 1×6′, 1×8′, 2×4′, 2×6′ and 2×8′